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  3. I am the new guy

    I am the new guy
  4. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the server~ enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions on broadcast by typing: /b your message. See you in-game!
  5. Hi

    Hi My ign is Trex, am from the Netherlands. Some of you know me as WizzHexx (from the past) its been a wile since i have play Rose online, so be patiant with me ^^
  6. Add change password on website.
  7. crafting bug

    Hi! There is an issue with the client you can download via our website. Please download this one instead: https://mega.nz/file/RXBQGYqa#4T0F2FdbAmKeVngHjjj2j4iIp2nq75SKkCvX1w73QO8 That should fix the problem (after patching). See you in game :-)
  8. crafting bug

    i keep dcing when i craft something is there any specific location or something to do so i wont dc while crafting gem or etc. and the % is always 100% success rate but its fake and i keep failed on crafting when i log in again lol
  9. Normal Attack skill has been changed to Dab as well as fight cheer New class 'Outlaw' has been added to the buff fairy, you can unlock it with a level 30 visitor We also added a new map Deity's Realm, you can access it via using a return scroll you can obtain rusted weapons and other weapons from it to make the magma weapons Other Changes: Player auras have been added We will be giving custom auras for the first few people to hit 1000 reborns, they will be added on the item mall later on Geb desert pvp has been disabled (Material prices has been reduced for it too by a bit)
  10. Hello, please join our discord channel we are always online there https://discord.gg/V8jb3hQ
  11. points were added in voting a while back!
  12. We added a fix for clans that would fix the clan issues automatically within 5 minutes if it acts up - for clan points you would need to relog to be able to obtain them again if it acts up Pick up pets are now live in the server They will be available both in IM and the reborn shop Note: They will pick up all your loots as well as loots that counts as 'yours' (based on last hit) when in a party unless the party's pick up mode is changed (then the pet wont pick up stuff) Other Changes: Minor changes to Scout skills (Aim shot now gives defense down, Poison arrow is now magic)
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