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  3. I am the new guy

    I am the new guy
  4. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the server~ enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions on broadcast by typing: /b your message. See you in-game!
  5. Hi

    Hi My ign is Trex, am from the Netherlands. Some of you know me as WizzHexx (from the past) its been a wile since i have play Rose online, so be patiant with me ^^
  6. Add change password on website.
  7. crafting bug

    Hi! There is an issue with the client you can download via our website. Please download this one instead: https://mega.nz/file/RXBQGYqa#4T0F2FdbAmKeVngHjjj2j4iIp2nq75SKkCvX1w73QO8 That should fix the problem (after patching). See you in game :-)
  8. crafting bug

    i keep dcing when i craft something is there any specific location or something to do so i wont dc while crafting gem or etc. and the % is always 100% success rate but its fake and i keep failed on crafting when i log in again lol
  9. Normal Attack skill has been changed to Dab as well as fight cheer New class 'Outlaw' has been added to the buff fairy, you can unlock it with a level 30 visitor We also added a new map Deity's Realm, you can access it via using a return scroll you can obtain rusted weapons and other weapons from it to make the magma weapons Other Changes: Player auras have been added We will be giving custom auras for the first few people to hit 1000 reborns, they will be added on the item mall later on Geb desert pvp has been disabled (Material prices has been reduced for it too by a bit)
  10. Hello, please join our discord channel we are always online there https://discord.gg/V8jb3hQ
  11. points were added in voting a while back!
  12. We added a fix for clans that would fix the clan issues automatically within 5 minutes if it acts up - for clan points you would need to relog to be able to obtain them again if it acts up Pick up pets are now live in the server They will be available both in IM and the reborn shop Note: They will pick up all your loots as well as loots that counts as 'yours' (based on last hit) when in a party unless the party's pick up mode is changed (then the pet wont pick up stuff) Other Changes: Minor changes to Scout skills (Aim shot now gives defense down, Poison arrow is now magic)
  13. and costume set & wing in IM would be cool and pts added in voting
  14. Glacier Island Mob HP have been reduced Glacier Island's Minibosses spawns faster now Glacier Island drop rates for the new materials have been increased Nerfed the icicles Reduced the power of the skill Flame Hawk and Blade Rush (For raiders)
  15. Zillion Shop has been updated with new Items! Check it out in Junon's Zillion Store (Zeda) This includes Shinobi's Unique katana without a sheathe - which comes with new animations for its basic stances and attacks: PvP Changes: Added new skills for bourg. Added dodge down for most classes. Added more attack power for champ's Berserk buff. and a lot more changes. New Gems: Added new gems on the crafting table Here is a preview! Summer Event: You can buy the teleportation scroll to the summer event map in our reborn shop. Head there to obtain our time limited legendary weapons! Other Changes: Added Clan field return scrolls due to the issue with entering the clan fields as well as added clan points to the reborn shop because of that issue as well Amethyst and Black Onyx 7 were buffed to 25/25 Pink Opal's Defense has been nerfed
  16. Reduced the stat requirement for the duelist weapon Fixed the Max HP Stat on Pink Opal Lowered the defense of the mobs on Glacial Island Adjusted the debuff for certain classes (soldier, shinobi, etc.) Increased attack speed and reduced attack range for the legendary weapons 'Dueling Rapier' as well as 'Shirasaya' to match their class's skill range
  17. Small Patch: Lowered the Reborn count required for the new classes: Item mall versions will be added as well because people asked for it Potion cooldowns has been removed again - we will be fixing the cooldown issue while the cooldowns are removed again. Glacial Island's monsters have been nerfed a little bit as well as the spawn being added (you dont spawn in junon if you die) Raider's stealth should be fixed now too
  18. Some server updates: Fixed NPC repair Added "You have been stunned" message Added "You have stunned your enemy" message Mounts will no longer stack New buff added to prevent you from using HP/MP potions (more details later) Attacking a player while they are in stealth has been fixed Item mall default refine is now 0 from 5
  19. There will be two new classes released on this patch: Shinobi and Duelist Shinobi Preview: Note: For the other skills, go obtain the class and its weapon in game. Shinobi's will be wielding a new weapon type (Katana) to devastate its enemies. You would need 50 reborns as a Visitor to change to shinobi. Duelist Preview: Note: Please obtain the class in game to see its skills! or wait for the preview from [DES]JPEG later on. The duelist will be wielding a new weapon type as well(Rapier) which has an attack scaling with Dex and Int. Other Patches: Glacier Island -Obtain ore of frost and a very small chance to get the duelist class change scroll or the rapier weapon from the bosses in here! Other Changes: New items on the reborn point shop! A ton of New wings added to the crafting table! Other notes: Mages have been slightly nerfed
  20. Hello. I would like to suggest a few items to add to item mall since there is now a way to buy points. Priest set and akram king set would be awesome to see in IM and maybe costume weapons. Also a stat hammer that’s 15 crit 15 AP and maybe one that’s 10 sen 10 dodge. Hope you consider these suggestions. Thanks so much :-)
  21. group and party

    hi its there possible to make group and party same time on this server ??
  22. Forum Rules

    Overview These are the main Forum Rules. Please do note that these rules may be updated when needed, and though you may not have agreed to the updated rules when signing up to the forums, and it is the forum member's responsibility to stay up to date on forum rules. We encourage an open and friendly discussion of Tsuki Online. Staff have final decision on all matters, and are here to make sure that the community remains a friendly, fun place appropriate for players of all backgrounds, ages and groups. Users who violate forum rules will be banned and the offending content will be removed without warning. The length of the ban will be based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation. Here are the main rules for the forums. All members should read these before they begin posting: We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Staff decisions are final in these matters. Any abuse towards our staff and/or admins in any form will not be tolerated. We will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort, this includes simulated, insinuated and abbreviated swearing. This is a family friendly forum. Staff and admins have a final say in what is and isn't inappropriate. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Also, please refrain from advertising other servers, and posting spam. Do not attempt to claim to represent or speak on behalf of Tsuki Online Staff if you are not part of the Tsuki Online Staff team. Do not deliberately and/or maliciously spread false information about Tsuki Online or staff members. These forums are English only. You may send people Private Messages where you are more than welcome to use any language. Only report posts that you are sure violate forum rules or contain questionable content. Do not spam or overuse the report tool (what constitutes spam/overuse is up to interpretation of Staff). Spam or overuse of the report tool can result in a ban. Always post in the proper sub forums. Not doing so can result in your post being trashed, moved or closed. Staff members and moderators may ban forum members without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour. You may not discuss publicly any (disciplinary) actions taken by staff such as banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts/threads etc. Also, posting publicly any private messages/emails, regardless of topic, you have received from staff is prohibited. Thank you for taking the time to read!
  23. Game Arena: Sealed Door is temporary disabled -The team is currently looking into the issue with the game arena's queue system. Attack Speed differences: -Please do note that the attack speed fast + x value does not show up on Alt+A but it shows up in game See the gifs below for the differences between +2, +7 and +12 fast attack speed weapons Fast +2 Fast +7 Fast +12
  24. Forgotten Temple Teleport Fixed -Added more Refines, Lisents and Hearts from Forgotten Temple Adjusted Map Drops for Ptah Rift of Souls and Pyramids of Giza -Added material type (ore) for crafting accessories on the map drops for Pyramids of Giza Skill Related Changes -Crafting can now give socketed shields and accessories -Lowered Aleksandros AoE Damage Stat Changes Charm drop count has been readjusted, you can now pick up to 10 items (or more?). Charm from gears is also fixed Stat Hammers -Rerolls stats of an item you have obtained. Only useable on items with less than 100% lifespan (e.g. 126/127 durability displayed in game) Some Changes to in game Lifespan to accomodate Stat Hammers: Gear Lifespan turns to 95% (e.g. 95/100 or 48/50 etc.) after relogging so you can relog to use restat hammers on your items New Game Arena: Sealed Door(Boss Room) Accessible Through ALT + G in game, create a team and then enter the queue (opens once every hour) -You can obtain the newest gears (Mythic Crystal Set, Mythic Weapons and Platinum Accessories) from the boss with a low chance of dropping! -You can queue using ALT G in game -Stat hammers will be obtainable from this map (mobs and boss) with a low chance -Game starts every hour Other changes: Drops will be based on a 'Last Hit' basis You can now stack 'No Exp' Scrolls (e.g. using more than one would make the duration longer)
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