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  1. The Reborn shop has been added to the game! Please visit the [Reborn Rewards] Golden Chest in the city of Junon to claim your rewards for your achievement of resetting your level! The Reborn shop uses the currency [RP] that you obtain from reborning your character You can obtain EXP Boosters, Costumes and Unique Weapons from using your [RP]! Please take note that each item that you obtain from the Reborn Reward comes with a random status. The reborn shop will still be expanded on future patches as the team discusses which rewards would be better to have for the players In this patch we are also introducing our [Reborn Gears] where you can only wear the item after reaching a certain reborn count! We will add more reborn gears to help ease the leveling difficulty for lower levels as well as introduce maps that requires you to have better gears in the future! Thanks for playing Tsuki Online - For feedbacks and suggestions please visit our discord channel or the forums. There are also some minor fixes and other things such as [Red Box] now gives items with this update.
  2. EVENT

    Hello! Please join our discord channel https://discord.gg/FXQpKhk
  3. Crafting BUG

    The Actual crafting success rate shows up as an announcement (only visible to you) once you do craft the item. I would like to apologize if this has caused any misunderstandings.
  4. Added a Buff fairy on Geb Desert and Marsh of Ghosts Stats of the new sets have been adjusted [Note: added base stats to sets, and +10% base atk on the weapons] Spawn rates of the new bosses in geb desert have been increased [ALL the bosses in GEB are marked as 'BOSS' and now randomly drops 5-13 items(unaffected by STOCKPILE)] Adjusted the damage on some of the new skills! Added more gold in geb desert! A new way to farm zulie! Charm's AoE Range has been greatly Reduced and Spark charm does not stun for 40 seconds anymore. Added a preview weapon for the katana. It drops in Geb Desert.
  5. The next patch: Christmas Event! Get seasonal items from Santa Planetoid! You can access the map by buying the teleport item in the zillion shop! Other Updates: New skills! https://imgur.com/U5yRRmT https://imgur.com/EHHUiZd https://imgur.com/cdQsBxZ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/632422658415394822/650552288750075914/windblade.gif https://imgur.com/9pscgeL https://imgur.com/YG5Pvrr You can buy some of them through the reborn shop and from the zillion shop! The other ones that are not in the shop would be obtainable from bosses in game! More updates: New map and level cap! Geb Desert (For level 210+) [PvP Area] Please note that the next map is a pvp area! Form your parties before entering it! (no return scrolls would be available in the shop for this map). Other notes: New map = new level cap and sets Christmas in Geb Desert! Kill Aleksandros for a chance to obtain the time limited [Legendary] Wand! The [Legendary] weapon comes with a new set of animations! Obtain it in game to find out more! Other Updates: Drill Success rate has been increased. Cleric buff duration has been increased. Low level dual guns have been added back to Mildun. Marsh of Ghosts Return Scroll has been added to the buff fairy Note: It probably doesnt work but try it anyway! Buff fairy on Marsh of Ghosts will be added at a later date? Current Project(s)/Work in Progress: The next [Legendary] weapon (Katana[?]) Note: Please stop crying on discord. It will not make updates come out faster. it really wont.