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  1. Tsuki Online is looking for Developers. If you can do any of the following, feel free to apply! STB and STL Editing ZSC Editing CHR Editing QSD Editing AIP Editing CXE Editing Web Development Dll Coding and Injecting Or anything else related to the client Submit your application in a PM on this forum or PM me on Discord. We look forward to working with you! Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/35XrqTw
  2. Planned Updates

    There are several changes that we have planned but unfortunately haven't been able to do yet because of all the time we've been putting into bug fixes. These updates will come, we are just trying to focus on fixing the bugs first. Here is a list of some of the updates we have planned. Accessory Slots/Sockets: Since the start we have planned to allow more accessories to be slotted/socketed. We currently only allow the ones with Socket in their name to have one as they have no stats or only a very small amount of stats. Before allowing more to be slotted/socketed I want to check their stats to make sure they won't be to over powered if we allow a slot/socket. Skills: I would like to redo certain skills as I've never liked the Evo setup for things like Muse and Cleric buffs. I plan to convert them to the iRose setup Crafting: Crafting skills need updating as they are using an Evo skill setup while everything else is setup as iRose. Some skills may not have the right name or even be able to be used at all currently. I'd like to redo these skills so they can be used or replace them with something else along with renaming them to something that suits them better. Refining: Refining is something I've wanted to redo for a while but since we use an Evo client we are somewhat limited in the changes that can be made. In iRose you can change everything that's needed for refining and the requirements change for each grade. In Evo that's not possible. Only the first item can be changed while the rest are all locked to a certain item or type. We also can't change the requirements for each grade. Instead, Evo uses an Item Grade system that determines the requirements. So if you have a Grade 1 item, it's requirements will be different to a grade 3 item. Currently refining is disabled on items as we don't have all the items needed for them because of the changes we have made. This is only a small list of some of the things we want to do.
  3. We are an updated Rose server, dedicated to bringing players the best experience in Rose Online. The server features Costumes, Mounts, In-Game Mall, Lucky Spin and Game Arena from the new version of Rose Online while keeping the original iRose features. The server is currently in Public Beta while we fix bugs, update features and create new content. Please note that the server will be wiped after Beta. Players that participate in the Beta will be rewarded on server release. Don't forget to check out our Discord server where you can talk to other players and staff. https://discord.gg/35XrqTw
  4. Thank you everyone that helped with the Beta. We are happy to announce that a release date has been decided. Unfortunately we weren't able to fix everything we wanted to in the beta. The server is planned to release on the Friday the 30th GMT+8. Server Info: 100x EXP/ 500x Zulie/ 125x Drop. Max Level 208. Reborns - No additional stats (Resets stats and skills). Costume System. Mount System. In-Game Mall. Mixed Vote/Donor shop. Votes will give a small amount of DP (Tsuki Points). Updated PvM and PvP formulas. Updated Drops. Buff Fairies for players level 1 - 99. The server relies on player feedback to make improvements and fix bugs. Without player feedback the server wouldn't be where it is today. Notes: We were hoping to have crafting fixed before release but unfortunately that didn't happen. We have ideas for fixing it that we will be working on while the server is live. The server features updated formulas for the rates so they may not be what some players are used to. These formulas are much better than the formulas the server used to have. The server will be wiped before release. Beta testers will receive a reward for helping to test the server.
  5. Over the last month or so, Pixel and I became very busy in real life and had to step away from the server for a while. We are both back now and getting back into the swing of things. Currently we are working on the existing bug list and going over the core game mechanics again to make sure everything is working how we want it to. We made a lot of changes to the server and client last year and plan to make even more this year. We are sorry for the lack of communication while we were gone and will do better to communicate things in the future.
  6. Mounts

    Mounts are a system that let you ride a monster and take advantage of it's Movement Speed allowing you to move faster than usual. There is a large variety of mounts available from the official rose servers and community made. Here are the 10 Mounts that we will be launching with. Choropy: Spotted Choropy: Beetle: Pomic: Moldie: Chicken: Horse: Blue Stallion: Unicorn: Hell's Steed: All of these mounts will also be available in our New Character Boxes. Mounts will be received from the Level 10 Box inside your New Character Box. Each mount will have a 3 Day timer and will be Character Bound. Once the 3 Days are over your mount will expire and be removed from your character. 3 Day mounts will only be available through the New Character Box. Currently all mounts also have a 7 Day, 15 Day, 30 Day and Permanent version. More info on how to obtain these version will come at a later date.
  7. Patch Notes: Added Reborn System. Players can reborn at level 208 at any Arua's Fairy. Added Buff Fairies. Players can receive a buff from any Buff Fairy until level 100. Added Planet Oro. Players can now travel to Oro and explore Heliopolis and the Paradise of Ra. Added Beta Player Rewards. These rewards are available for anyone that participated in the Beta. You may find them in your storage. Notes: We are aware that Crafting is NOT accurate. It is being worked on constantly to try create a working system for everyone to enjoy. We appreciate everyone's patience in this matter.
  8. Patch 1.5 (18/04/18)

    Patch Notes: Fixed a bug on Eucar portal text. Fixed an error on Paradise of Ra. Fixed an error on Mount Eruca. A new bug has been discovered on the map and is being looked into. Updated Buff NPC. Buffs now last for 30 minutes. Damage Support buff should now be able to be overlapped. Bourgeois can now get up to 9 material drops. Bourgeois can now get 5 consumable drops. Other classes can get up to 3.
  9. Patch 1.4 (7/04/18)

    Patch Notes: Fixed a bug that didn't allow players to learn 2nd Job skills after reborn. Exp formula has been slightly modified. Charm now affects the amount of drops you can receive on pickup. Monster spawns should now be fixed. Summons will now spawn as friendly on non PvP maps. They will still appear as enemy on PvP maps at this time. Fixed a bug that stopped players from spawning summons. Monster damage will now scale more with your level. Higher level players will receive less damage from lower level monsters. Fixed a bug on some gems that stopped their name and description from showing. Monsters in Prison have been nerfed by 25%. Fixed a bug that stop some item types from showing. Monsters on Eldeon have had their EXP increased by 5%.
  10. Patch 1.3 (4/04/18)

    I'll look into it again but at this time I can't see anything that would cause it to not work.
  11. Patch 1.3 (4/04/18)

    Patch Notes: Fixed NPC Lily. She will now sell you the right items. Modified drop formula. Players should find that drops are now more common. Applied a fix to PvP randomly being enabled in non PvP zones. This bug is random and we are unsure if it's fixed at this time. PvP should now be properly enabled on PvP maps. Applied a potential fix to mob groups not re spawning. Requires testing from players. Magic City of Eucar portal should now be fixed.
  12. Patch 1.3 (4/04/18)

    Tested and is working fine.
  13. [Guide]Personal Vending

    Alt+Left Click an item (Weapons/Armour) to open the preview menu and view them on your character. Alt+Right Click to save items to your vending wish list.
  14. Oro Teleport NPC

    Should be fixed next restart.
  15. Patch 1.2 (1/04/18)

    Patch Notes: Added [Buff Fairy] Arua's Fairy to Magic City of Eucar. Fixed a bug that caused NPC Enu to spawn players at the wrong position. Fixed a bug that stopped Dealer 2nd Job Quest from working. Applied a change that should fix monster spawn timers. Requires addition testing from players.
  16. Patch 1 - Server Release (30/03/18)

    Patch 1.1 Patch Notes: Updated In-Game Mall tab names. Updated Player UI.
  17. Hello

    Welcome to the server, glad you're enjoying it here.
  18. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to our server. We are trying to combine the best features of iRose and Evo to make a server that everyone can enjoy. We hope to give the feel of playing iRose while using a much more modern client with new features that everyone can enjoy.
  19. Sanity Here!

  20. Warlord Here!

    Welcome to the server. We only launched public beta several days ago so a lack of players is somewhat expected for a bit, but we will grow in time.
  21. Hello Guys!

    Welcome to our server. Doesn't hurt to try something new. Hope you enjoy your stay.