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Patch 1.4 (7/04/18)

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Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow players to learn 2nd Job skills after reborn.
  • Exp formula has been slightly modified.
  • Charm now affects the amount of drops you can receive on pickup.
  • Monster spawns should now be fixed.
  • Summons will now spawn as friendly on non PvP maps. They will still appear as enemy on PvP maps at this time.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped players from spawning summons.
  • Monster damage will now scale more with your level. Higher level players will receive less damage from lower level monsters.
  • Fixed a bug on some gems that stopped their name and description from showing.
  • Monsters in Prison have been nerfed by 25%.
  • Fixed a bug that stop some item types from showing.
  • Monsters on Eldeon have had their EXP increased by 5%.
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