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Update: Reborn Rewards

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The Reborn shop has been added to the game! Please visit the [Reborn Rewards] Golden Chest in the city of Junon to claim your rewards for your achievement of resetting your level!



The Reborn shop uses the currency [RP] that you obtain from reborning your character


You can obtain EXP Boosters, Costumes and Unique Weapons from using your [RP]! Please take note that each item that you obtain from the Reborn Reward comes with a random status.


The reborn shop will still be expanded on future patches as the team discusses which rewards would be better to have for the players




In this patch we are also introducing our [Reborn Gears] where you can only wear the item after reaching a certain reborn count!



We will add more reborn gears to help ease the leveling difficulty for lower levels as well as introduce maps that requires you to have better gears in the future!

Thanks for playing Tsuki Online - For feedbacks and suggestions please visit our discord channel or the forums.




There are also some minor fixes and other things such as [Red Box] now gives items with this update.  

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