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There are several changes that we have planned but unfortunately haven't been able to do yet because of all the time we've been putting into bug fixes. These updates will come, we are just trying to focus on fixing the bugs first. Here is a list of some of the updates we have planned.

Accessory Slots/Sockets:

Since the start we have planned to allow more accessories to be slotted/socketed. We currently only allow the ones with Socket in their name to have one as they have no stats or only a very small amount of stats. Before allowing more to be slotted/socketed I want to check their stats to make sure they won't be to over powered if we allow a slot/socket.



I would like to redo certain skills as I've never liked the Evo setup for things like Muse and Cleric buffs. I plan to convert them to the iRose setup



Crafting skills need updating as they are using an Evo skill setup while everything else is setup as iRose. Some skills may not have the right name or even be able to be used at all currently. I'd like to redo these skills so they can be used or replace them with something else along with renaming them to something that suits them better.



Refining is something I've wanted to redo for a while but since we use an Evo client we are somewhat limited in the changes that can be made. In iRose you can change everything that's needed for refining and the requirements change for each grade. In Evo that's not possible. Only the first item can be changed while the rest are all locked to a certain item or type. We also can't change the requirements for each grade. Instead, Evo uses an Item Grade system that determines the requirements. So if you have a Grade 1 item, it's requirements will be different to a grade 3 item. Currently refining is disabled on items as we don't have all the items needed for them because of the changes we have made.


This is only a small list of some of the things we want to do.

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