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Easter Patch - Game Arena and Other Updates

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Forgotten Temple Teleport Fixed



-Added more Refines, Lisents and Hearts from Forgotten Temple

Adjusted Map Drops for Ptah Rift of Souls and Pyramids of Giza
-Added material type (ore) for crafting accessories on the map drops for Pyramids of Giza


Skill Related Changes

-Crafting can now give socketed shields and accessories

-Lowered Aleksandros AoE Damage


Stat Changes

Charm drop count has been readjusted, you can now pick up to 10 items (or more?). Charm from gears is also fixed


Stat Hammers
-Rerolls stats of an item you have obtained. Only useable on items with less than 100% lifespan (e.g. 126/127 durability displayed in game)

Some Changes to in game Lifespan to accomodate Stat Hammers:

Gear Lifespan turns to 95% (e.g. 95/100 or 48/50 etc.) after relogging so you can relog to use restat hammers on your items


New Game Arena: Sealed Door(Boss Room)

Accessible Through ALT + G in game, create a team and then enter the queue (opens once every hour)






-You can obtain the newest gears (Mythic Crystal Set, Mythic Weapons and Platinum Accessories) from the boss with a low chance of dropping!
-You can queue using ALT G in game
-Stat hammers will be obtainable from this map (mobs and boss) with a low chance
-Game starts every hour

Other changes:
Drops will be based on a 'Last Hit' basis 

You can now stack 'No Exp' Scrolls (e.g. using more than one would make the duration longer)

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