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May 21, 2020 Patch Notes - New Classes, Shinobi and Duelist

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There will be two new classes released on this patch:

Shinobi and Duelist


Shinobi Preview:


 Note: For the other skills, go obtain the class and its weapon in game.

Shinobi's will be wielding a new weapon type (Katana) to devastate its enemies.

You would need 50 reborns as a Visitor to change to shinobi.



Duelist Preview:


Note: Please obtain the class in game to see its skills! or wait for the preview from [DES]JPEG later on.

The duelist will be wielding a new weapon type as well(Rapier) which has an attack scaling with Dex and Int.

Other Patches: 

Glacier Island 


-Obtain ore of frost and a very small chance to get the duelist class change scroll or the rapier weapon from the bosses in here!

Other Changes: 

New items on the reborn point shop!




A ton of New wings added to the crafting table!


Other notes:

Mages have been slightly nerfed

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Some server updates:

  • Fixed NPC repair
  • Added "You have been stunned" message
  • Added "You have stunned your enemy" message
  • Mounts will no longer stack
  •  New buff added to prevent you from using HP/MP potions (more details later)
  •  Attacking a player while they are in stealth has been fixed
  • Item mall default refine is now 0 from 5

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Small Patch:

Lowered the Reborn count required for the new classes:


Item mall versions will be added as well because people asked for it 



Potion cooldowns has been removed again - we will be fixing the cooldown issue while the cooldowns are removed again.


Glacial Island's monsters have been nerfed a little bit as well as the spawn being added (you dont spawn in junon if you die)


Raider's stealth should be fixed now too

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