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Patch Notes/Preview - Summer Event, Gems, Zillion shop, PvP Rebalance

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Zillion Shop has been updated with new Items! Check it out in Junon's Zillion Store (Zeda)



This includes Shinobi's Unique katana without a sheathe - which comes with new animations for its basic stances and attacks:


PvP Changes:

Added new skills for bourg.


Added dodge down for most classes.

Added more attack power for champ's Berserk buff.

and a lot more changes.



New Gems:


Added new gems on the crafting table

Here is a preview!


Summer Event:

You can buy the teleportation scroll to the summer event map in our reborn shop.


Head there to obtain our time limited legendary weapons!


Other Changes:

Added Clan field return scrolls due to the issue with entering the clan fields


as well as added clan points to the reborn shop because of that issue as well


Amethyst and Black Onyx 7 were buffed to 25/25

Pink Opal's Defense has been nerfed

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