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Visitor Class:
Players start their adventures as a Visitor. Visitors are very weak when they first manifest, they have no special abilities and start with basic equipment and basic skills.

Once a Visitor hit level 10 Should use The Job Scroll in his Inventory.

Soldier Class:

Soldiers can battle monsters at close range.

The Champion and Knight jobs are available for the Soldier class.

-Champion: Through intense training and discipline, Champions are the warriors with the greatest Attack Power and can fight multiple enemies at the same time.

-Knight: Knights have the strongest Defense Power of any job and are ideal at fighting battles and protecting their allies.

Muse Class:

Muses can cast amazing offensive spells and supportive spells.

The Mage and Cleric jobs are available for the Muse class.

-Mage: Can attack enemies with highly damaging mystic spells.

-Cleric: Can support their allies by restoring their health, enhancing their battle abilities(with buffs) and reviving them from death.

Hawker Class:

Hawkers have high Dodge Rates and use their agility to hide.

The Raider and Scout jobs are available for the Hawker class.

-Scout: Can rapidly and accurately attack enemies from a distance with their archery skills.

-Raider: Specialize in fighting with hit and run tactics by using their great speed, high Dodge Rate and critically powerful.

Dealer Class:

Dealers have special talents in trading and crafting items.

The Artisan and Bourgeois jobs are available for the Dealer class.

-Artisan: Artisan are talented in manufacturing, enabling them to use various materials to create special items. 

-Bourgeois: The Bourgeois are highly skilled at accumulating wealth and negotiating with others.



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