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[Guide]Stat Points

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~Stat Guide~

Vital Stats


-HP stands for Health Points.
-This defines one's overall health status. If a character's HP goes down to 0, he or she will die and will have to respawn to his/her Save point or current map's respawn point (unless resurrected by another player). HP slowly restores over time (and faster while sitting).


-MP stands for Mana Points.
-This defines how much "energy" one has in order to use skills. MP slowly restores over time (and faster while sitting). Besides boosts from stats, the Max MP increases by 2 every time the player levels up.

NOTE:  305 Points are the max points you can add STR or DEX or INT or CON or CHA or SEN.


-STR stands for Strength.
-Adds Attack Power to most weapons
-Adds HP points
-Adds Defense points
-Adds Max Weight
-Increases HP Recovery Rate

-DEX stands for Dexterity.
-Adds Attack Power to Bow, Bow-guns, Dual Weapons, Katars
-Increases dodge rate

-INT stands for Intelligence.
-Adds Attack Power to Wands and Staffs
-Adds MP points
-Increases MP recovery rate
-Increases Magic Damage
-Increases magic resistance
-Increases buffs

-CON stands for Concentration.
-Adds Attack Power to Guns and Launchers
-Adds Accuracy
-Adds +1 Critical every +5 in Concentration
-Increases chance of success for crafting items
-Increases durability when crafting items

-CHA stands for Charm.
-Increases the quantity of items per drop

-SEN stands for Sense.
-Adds Attack Power to Guns, Wands, Bows
-Adds Critical Rate points
-Increases the chances of crafting items with extra stats


Attack Power
-Attack Power is often abbreviated to Atk or AP.
-Determines how much damage you can produce.

-Defense is often abbreviated to Def.
-Determines how much damage you take from normal type attacks. More defence lese damage you take from attack

-Accuracy is often abbreviated to Acc.
-Determines how often you hit (Decreases chance of missing attacks)

-Critical is often abbreviated to Crit.
-Chance to double or triple your attack power.

-Dodge can be abbreviated to DR (for Dodge Rate).
-A chance to avoid damage.

Attack Speed
-Attack Speed is often abbreviated to A-Spd, A-Speed or Aspd.
-How fast you Attack.

Movement Speed
-Movement Speed is often abbreviated to M-Spd, M-Speed or Mspd.
-How fast you move.

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